The Toxic Ingredients in Your Shampoo Causing Hair Loss & Breakage

Posted by Victoria LeClear Founder of LeClaire Beauty Hair Growth on 2/2/2017 to News
The Toxic Ingredients in Your Shampoo Causing Hair Loss & Breakage
Did you know that there are ingredients in the majority of shampoos and conditioners in the United States that are illegal in Europe and Canada for being linked to cancer, hair loss, hair breakage, dandruff and accelerated aging? How can this be you may ask? 

Sulfates, Parabens, Urea have all been outlawed in Europe and Canada yet are found in the majority of shampoo and conditioner in the US. Go ahead and check your shampoo bottle for sulfates (it should be listed near the top of the ingredient list as it is in the highest concentration in your product) we'll wait :-) 

Welcome to the Secret of Beauty and Long, Thick Gorgeous Hair

Posted by LeClaire Beauty Queens on 1/1/2017 to News
Welcome to the Secret of Beauty and Long, Thick Gorgeous Hair
Welcome to LeClaire Beauty hair products with Growth-Genesis™! We are everything long, sexy, super model, thick, healthy, gorgeous, lucsious hair and we beleive every woman deserves to feel as beautiful and youthful on the outside as she is on the inside. 

 The LeClaire Beauty woman is confident, loves her family above all else, often times puts others ahead of herself, is beautiful, is funny, laughs at the big things and the little things, wants the best for her family and deserves more than anyone, to know how loved and valued, perfect and beautiful she is. 

 Leclaire Beauty products were born out of a desire to retain the beauty that we already have and take us to new heights of beauty we never dreamed of. After suffering with autoimmune disease which caused her hair to stop growing, to break off and to fall out in chunks, Victoria LeClear, a cosmetic product developer, dedicated her life to traveling the world to find cosmeceutical ingredients and the solution. She suceeded, and Growth-Genesis™ for LeClaire Beauty hair products was born. 

What is beauty to you? Confidence? Youth? Health? Success? Love? What if you could have all of these and more? We invite you to join LeClaire Beauty on our mission to give beauty, confidence, youth, health, love and success to women, men and children everywhere, not just with our products but also with our partnership with Plant With Purpose, an organization which helps families in rural communities start businesses, by growing their own food, then eating and selling it and also helping with reforestation! 

The dreams that we wish, can and will come true :-)

Thank you, -The LeClaire Beauty family