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We are excited to welcome you to the worldwide fight against toxic ingredients in hair products that cause hair loss and breakage, are illegal in Europe and Canada yet found in the majority of hair products in the United States. You can make a difference in the lives of women and we are here to help you and your business in every way possible! To become an approved wholesaler please email info@leclairebeauty.com or create an account by clicking 'Account' tab above. 

Our 5-20 min educational videos and materials are updated monthly and cover the following:

1) Sales and Marketing strategies to grow your personal brand and business.

2) Hair Growth and Repair latest science from our product developers and chemists.

3) Product Knowledge 

4) Treatment Protocols


Science Behind Hair Breakage and Hair Loss: 20 min science demo and product demo

Instant results Super Model Hair Volume Treatment & Retail Sales Boost: 5 minute video Part 1

Retail Sales Boost for all products: 5 minute video part 2

Health and Beauty Tips:


LeClaire Beauty™ 'Hair Growth/ Extreme Repair Treatment' with Growth-GenesisConditioner ($25-$55 retail charge 7 minutes): 

Directions:  Massage quarter sized amount into scalp for 2 minutes, focusing on pressure points around top of head, temples and base of neck, massaging in circular motions and apply pressure with finger tips intermittently.

Comb product through to the ends of the hair with fingers, wrap entire head in warm steamed towel or dry towel spritzed with warm water with a few drops of citrus essential oil in it. Let client sit laying down for 5 minutes, remove towel and rinse.

Then apply dime sized amount to ends of hair as a leave in treatment and style. (best results for shine, repair, increase in hair thickness and fullness when used with LeClaire Beauty Growth-Genesis™  Shampoo but may be used with any shampoo)


Super Model Mega Volume Powder™ 'Extreme Volume Treatment' ($25-$35 charge, 5 minutes): 

Directions: Part hair along middle of scalp, pour a pea sized amount of product into your hands and lightly sprinkle along the part. Create a new, side part on the left, sprinkle product along part, create a new side part on the right, sprinkle product along part, create final part horizontally across top of head at its highest point, sprinkle product along final part horizontally.

Massage product into the scalp for 2 minutes being sure to work throughout hair evenly and focusing on root lifting.

Product is heat activated and increases hold, oil absorption and root lifting when massaged for longer periods of time. Add more product to areas that are limp or falling flat but be careful not to apply too much as the product is extremely concentrated and a little goes a long way!

Your clients will have super model sexy gorgeous hair that stays dry through 3 days and extends the life of the style you give them, and they will love you for it.


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