How Does LeClaire Beauty Work?   LeClaire beauty utilizes the highest concentrations of active ingredients available without a prescription, for longer looking hair, volume, health and reduction of fall out. Keratin, another word for hair, is made up of 18 different amino acids, that’s it. The ingredients in LeClaire Beauty, including Growth-Genesis™ and Baicapil™ have a small enough molecular weight to absorb into the scalp 5 layers deep into the dermis where the bulb of the hair follicles, use those amino acids to create more hair, repair split ends, increase length and stimulate new follicle growth all while reducing hair fall out. The plant extracts and botanicals in the formulas serve to nourish and cleanse and hydrate the scalp, thus prepping it for optimal absorption of the active growth stimulating ingredients similar to the way watering soil preps it for planting seeds and growth.

    Why are Amino Acids able to penetrate the scalp and other ingredients in competing products aren’t?   Amino Acids have a small enough molecular weight to absorb into our pores into the deepest layers of the dermis. Our Pores can only absorb a 400 dalton weight molecule, amino acids have a 60 dalton weight on average and keratin proteins and other ingredients commonly found in highly active professional hair care brands have a Dalton weight of 2,000+ thus they are too large to enact change in the hair, the ingredients sit on the surface of the scalp and hair, clogging pores, suffocating the scalp and increasing hair breakage and fall out.

What makes LeClaire Beauty better than our competitors?

1.        Highest concentrations of active ingredients allowed in a non prescription product

2.        Free of harmful parabens, sulfates and animal testing found in 90% of all hair products and illegal in Europe for its link to cancers and environmental damage as well as hair damage and loss.

3.        Most Competitors use false advertising showing un styled hair as their before photo, then style hair with heat tools and tease it in the after photo; falsely claiming the results are from their hair products not the styling tools. LeClaire Beauty uses video of the before and after process to ensure credibility.

4.       Our Ingredients in Growth-Genesis and others have a small enough molecular weight to absorb into the scalp 5 layers deep and stimulate hair growth.

5.        Used by Beauty Queens, Models and Celebrities

6.        Featured in Media and Magazines nationwide

7.       Instant and Long term results

8.       Makes women look up to 10 years younger and 10 lbs thinner as thick full hair is a sign of youth and makes the face look thinner.

Instant Results on CEO and Founder Victoria LeClaire [using Super Model Mega Volume Powder]