Like most busy stressed women, Victoria, a cosmeceutical product developer, began to notice her hair falling out in chunks and breaking more than ever before. She was devastated. According to clinical studies, ingredients like parabens, sulfates, urea, formaldehyde and animal by products all are linked to cancers, hair loss, and hair damage. These ingredients are illegal in Europe and Canada yet found in the majority of hair products in the U.S. (go ahead and check your shampoo bottle for sulfates, we'll wait ;-) 

Victoria knew she needed to create a solution for her hair loss before it was too late. She traveled the world researching and partnering with top cosmetic chemists and doctors to find the most effective patented ingredients for hair loss and damage. She combined all of the clinically proven ingredients she found, in the highest concentrations, into one single hair regimen and LeClaire Beauty Hair Growth was born. 

LeClaire Beauty is for women and men who want shampoo and conditioner with actives clinically proven to reduce hair loss, breakage, damage and also repair split ends, repair keratin bonds and increase hair growth dramatically. LeClaire beauty offers instant and long term results.

98% of patients saw 'Longer, thicker, healthier looking hair within 1 week of using LeClaire Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner along with reduced split ends and breakage'

100% of patients said they would reccomend LeClaire Beauty to a friend

** 35 participant clinical study using LeClaire Beauty for 3 months

      "LeClaire Beauty Shampoos and Conditioners were created with love, for all women and men who are struggling in hair breakage, loss, fall out and damage, and who want to have healthier, super model looking, full thick gorgeous shiny hair with mended split ends and reduced frizz and damage. I hope these products bring you as much joy as they have brought me. Please share your opinions with us, we love to hear from you! Thank you and God bless you."

-  Victoria LeClear - Cosmetic Product Developer and CEO of LeClaire Beauty Hair Products


Who is LeClaire Beauty™ For?


1.        For women and men who want longer looking, thicker looking, stronger healthier hair, repaired split ends and to reduce the look of breakage and hair fall out. Made with ingredients clinically shown to increase length 68%, thickness (number of hair follicles) 28% and reduce damage/ hair loss 60% instantly as well as increased results over time.


2.        For women who want instantly thicker more voluptuous looking hair.


3.       For women who want to look 10 years younger and 10 lbs thinner instantly by creating the illusion of a ‘thinner’ face due to having big full healthy hair. Thick full hair is also a subconscious sign of youth since every year after 30 our keratin production decreases and we lose hair as we age.


What makes LeClaire Beauty™ better than our competitors?


1.        Highest concentrations of active ingredients allowed in a non prescription product


2.       Free of harmful parabens, sulfates and animal testing found in 90% of all hair products and illegal in Europe for its link to cancers and environmental damage as well as hair damage.


3.        Most Competitors use false advertising showing un-styled hair as their before photo, then style hair with heat tools and tease it in the after photo; falsely claiming the results are from their hair products, not the styling tools. LeClaire Beauty uses video of the before and after process to ensure credibility.


4.       Our Ingredients in Growth-Genesis and others have a small enough molecular weight to absorb into the scalp 5 layers deep and stimulate hair growth.


5.        Used by Beauty Queens, Models and Celebrities


6.        Featured in Media and Magazines nationwide


7.       Instant and Long term results


8.       Makes women look up to 10 years younger and 10 lbs thinner as thick full hair is a sign of youth and makes the face look thinner.